Heico Fasteners, Inc. is a subsidiary of Th. Heimann GmbH & Co., KG of Ense-Niederense in the Westphalia region of Germany. Products made of wire have an 800-year tradition in this oldest industrial region of Germany.

Since the year 1900, management and staff of the Heimann Company have built on the continuity of generations. Experience is handed down from one generation to another. Motivated, dynamic and innovative people are the building stones of a now worldwide operating group of companies. Third- and fourth-generation members of the Heimann family are actively involved in the business to ensure the continuity of the company's excellent reputation and its day-to-day leadership performance.

In 2002, Heico Fasteners, Inc. won an exclusive distributorship from a well-known Asian manufacturer of hook & loop fasteners, and also entered into an exclusive partnership with an international manufacturer of elastic webbing.

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